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Greece’s uninsured patients can only get prescription drugs/tests at public facilities. Exceptions

Uninsured patients in Greece will not longer be able to have regular drugs, laboratory tests and screenings free of charge or against a small percentage of payment from the own pocket  if these are prescribed by private doctors. The decision goes into effect from 1. July 2022. Following a series …

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Greece appeals to private doctors to help Covid-hospitals, threatens them with requisition

Greece’s Health Minister urged private doctors to volunteer their services to the state health system as it struggles to rein in fast-spreading Covid-19 infections. If no 200  doctors respond to the appeal, he will recommend their requisition. “We are at the most critical juncture of the pandemic,” Health Minister Vassilis …

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Troubles ahead as pharmacists, EOPYY and state hospital doctors go on strike (Dec17-19/2012)

Pharmacists will launch a 48-hour strike December 17-18th 2012 to protest the non-payment of outstanding debts by the Greek health ministry. At the same time, they continue to refuse handing out prescription medicine on credit. Millions of insured Greeks see themselves obliged to pay from their own pockets for prescription medicine …

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“Happy Autumn with Good Health” – Greece’s Insured Patients Have to Pay for Medicine and Visits to Doctors

“Happy Autumn with Good Health” This should be the wish exchange among Greeks, as September begins with troubles for the already troubled and austerity-hit patients. As if income decreases weren’t enough, now insured patients will have to pay from their own pockets for prescription medicine and visits to doctors. Pharmacists and assigned private doctors …

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