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My Perfect ‘Eggs in Tomato Sauce’, a Greek hit for hot summer days

Eggs in Tomato Sauce Αυγά με Ντομάτα is a dish Greeks love to eat in the hot summer months. I suppose, Greeks love Eggs in Tomato Sauce, because the dish can be eaten cold when outside the temperatures rise above 40 degrees Celsius like these days. Like these heat wave …

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My Perfect Greek …Taramosalata (Fish Roe Dip)

There is no Greek festive table on Clean Monday (Καθαρά Δευτέρα) without the famous Taramosalata: Fish roe salad which is actually a dip. But you know, we, Greeks, call all salads and dips “salata”. Taramosalata is spread on warm Lagana, the Greek unleavened flatbread, traditionally baked on Clean Monday, the first …

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My Prefect Greek Easter Biscuits: Smyrneika – Step by Step

Greek Easter Biscuits 0 koulourakia: perfect little crunchy cookies full of flavor. And easy to make. Greek Easter traditions for the sweet tooth have always being: Tsourekia and Smyrneika. Especially for the families descended from Asia Minor. Tsourekia are brioche-like sweet bread that needs approximately  6 hours of preparation as …

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Christmas season officially open :)

Christmas season is officially open! It’s high time to cheer up with festive decoration, gold candles and sparkling lights. And sweets! Lots of sweets! Like my perfect melomakarona, made, formed and siruped according to the original recipe of my great grand mothers. Melomakarona came to Greece with the Greeks who …

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