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ΕU’s Emergency Response to tackle biggest wildfire in Greece

Τo tackle the biggest wildfires ever recorded in the EU, the Commission’s Emergency Response Coordination Centre – rescEU – has mobilized 11 firefighting planes and 1 helicopter from the rescEU reserve, stationed in 6 Member States. In addition, 6 European countries have contributed with 6 ground forest fire fighting teams …

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Greece sends C-130 with EMAK Rescue Team for SAR operations to Beirut

A C-130 military aircraft with a special rescue team (EMAK), one dog, two vehicles and equipment on board took off from the Elefsina airport for Beirut, on Wednesday morning. This was Greece’s immediate relief response to the explosion disaster in Beirut that has cost so far the lives of over …

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Moscow vows reciprocal response to Greece’s expulsion of Russian diplomats

Russian Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday, it give give a “mirror response to the expulsion of Russian diplomats from Greece. According to the ministry in Moscow, “a mirror response will follow as per established practice for such cases.” Citing high -ranking diplomatic sources, Greek daily Kathimerini reported on Wednesday morning that Greece has decided to expel …

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