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Gov platform to receive 60% rebate on electricity scheduled to open mid-June

An amendment legislating for an emergency subsidy pr rebate of up to 600 euros for energy consumers and an emergency levy on electricity producers was tabled in Parliament late on Tuesday. The measures are part of a support package to offset soaring electricity prices recently announced by the government. The …

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New energy subsidies for February: “Peanuts” for households and businesses

Greece’s Environment and Energy Minister Kostas Skrekas announced on Wednesday the subsidies for electricity and natural gas that will apply in February for households and enterprises. The subsidy for electricity will be 39 euros per MWh for households, that is 3 euros less than in January. The subsidy for enterprises …

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Govt’ abolishes rent subsidy for cabinet members without seat in Parliament

The Greek government has submitted an amendment that abolishes rent subsidies to ministers and deputy ministers that do not have seats in the Parliament. The amendment has been submitted on Wednesday evening and will be voted later on Thursday. The abolishing of the rent subsidies will go into effect retrospective …

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