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Draconian security measures as PM visits Thessaloniki International Fair

3,500 policemen, drones and even snipers have been deployed to Greece’s second biggest city of Thessaloniki as Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, is visiting the International Fair (TIF) over the weekend. The measures are justified as several workers unions are planning large march protests and authorities fear attacks by anti-authoritarians due …

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Fraport offers “off airport check-in” at Thessaloniki throughout TIF

FRAPORT will be offering “off airport check-in” including luggage drop-off services in a specially designed area during the International Fair in Thessaloniki TIF. The service will be provided throughout the duration of the Fair, that is form 8th September to 16th September 2018. The service aims to better facilitate the …

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Tsipras: “Memorandum Failed” – Eight Objectives to Reconstruct the Greek Economy

Calling for people to respond to the “invitation for unity and creation”, Alexis Tsipras, Greece’s leader of main opposition party left-wing SYRIZA,  revealed a thorough program for the recostruction of the Greek economy. Speaking at the International Fair of Thessaloniki, Tsipras presented eight objectives for “a comprehensive, coherent, progressive and realistic reconstruction program” in order to …

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PM’s Bombshell: Additional Taxes to Hit Greeks in the Head

Greece Prime Minister George Papandreou shocked those Greeks who chose to listen to his speech than enjoy the Saturday night with friends. “I will take care that every family has one working member” said Papandreou in his keynote speech at the 76th Thessaloniki International Fair, while thousands of protesters were …

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