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Next heat wave on the way to Greece with up to 42 degrees Celsius

After that terrible heat wave in the first week of July with these torturing 45 C …. a short break of cooling north winds. But did you realize that the blessed North wind has calmed down and temperatures started to rise again? The second heat wave of the summer stands before out Greek doors. They say it comes from Africa and brings temperatures up to 41-42 degrees Celsius.

Already over the weekend heat started to be unpleasant again in the big cities like Athens and Thessaloniki. Gradually, temperature will rise as of Monday and the heat wave will reach its peak on Wednesday and Thursday – July 12th and 13th – you should note these two dates on your calendar and make your big supplies of water, juices, veggies and ice cream already on Tuesday.


Wednesday July 12 2017

Thursday July 13 2017

In the maps below you see how the heat wave develops and expands

Below Temperatures Forecast Wed and Thu according to National Observatory of Athens

Red: temperature above 40° C

Orange: temperature 37-40C

The best areas to be are the islands of Northern Aegean and the Cyclades, where north wind will be blowing with 4-5 Beaufort.

However, in the open Aegean Sea and locally winds will have an intensity of up to 6 and 7 B.

Strong winds up to 5 B are forecast for the Ionian Sea for Thursday and Friday.

Forecast Athens

When the heat wave moves away, temperatures will fall to the average for the month levels: 30-31-32-33 degrees Celsius.

sources: meteo, poseidon, and others

July is considered the hottest month.

Then it’s August… another hell of a month.And four months later … it’s Christmas. With cold and snow and ten thousand other reasons to complain about the weather again.

PS Practically and wisely, we should move to the Cyclades this week.

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  1. Ha! You’re staring to sound British, we’re always complaining about the weather too! Seriously, in these extremes of heat please give a thought for your neighbours, especially elderly neighbours. It’s very important that people stay well hydrated in these kinds of temperatures so drink more than you normally do. Also please spare a thought for the stray cats and dogs, and the birds and other wild animals. Please leave a bowl of water out for them and keep it topped up. We need to look after nature as well as each other.

  2. I am surprised no one here is blaming the hot weather on Schauble!

    ‘He’s cooking us!’