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Greece: Officially Bankrupt! What people say to EU/IMF bailout

PM Papandreou iin Castelorizo

Greece: Officially Bankrupt! Bailout Plea from EU/IMF

It took PM George Papandreou several hundred miles to travel to the fringe and picturesque island of Castelorizo, near Turkey, to make the long-expected rescue appeal for the Greek bankrupt economy.

Greece admits, it is now officially bankrupt, unable to pay salaries, pensions and expenses, unable to find loans in low-interest rates, unable to pay back loans and credits. So it asks for the activation of the bailout mechanism as it is set by its European partners, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

Well done, kids! It took armies of corrupt politicians and corrupted citizens of all ideological colors and shades to degenerate the state and lead the country in the leg hold traps of IMF. Pockets full of money, villas and yachts and a multitude of mishandling and mismanagement of the last 36 years bring up their fruits today. Well done!
Greece will remain in history as the first country of the euro-zone going bankrupt. Well done!

First reactions: What people say….

I quote some first reactions from Greek blogs and websites.

Even though people do not know yet the measures the IMF will require for the 12 billion Euro loan with 2.64% interest, the majority of anonymous or nicknamed commentators focus – and hope! – that the IMF and its European partners will first of all ask the dramatic decrease in the number of civil servants.

There is also harsh criticism against PM Papandreou for not telling the truth about the state’s economy during his election campaign, last October. Where he was promising there was enough money to get out of the crisis. Or recently, where he was clamming, the government is able to lead the country out of the crisis without bailout from EU or IMF.

People say….

“Goodbye rotten state, goodbye tyrants of creativity and entrepreneurship. Go down to the political hell. “

“The state is bound to thousands of laws and thousands of court dismissal decisions (of civil servants). If you do not radically change the legal framework, little can be done in the matter of arithmetic government relief. What to do, if you dismiss them (the civil servants) and your courts put them through. It takes a lot of time and huge organization. You must reset the institutional functioning of the government from the beginning”

“The regime of politicians received a blow today that similar, I have no seen in our history.”

“A pathological liar chose his name day to show how unreliable he is. He used to say “Money is here”,”we will manage it by ourselves”. Lies of a common Greek people’s fraudster.”

“The IMF is to safeguard the interests of our creditors and not to make Greece the ‘Denmark of the South’ (election campaign quotation of PM promising to turn Greece into prosperous, social state).”

“An appeal with 200 days delay, which we pay double. This is amateurism, failure to act and boundless populism.”

“I hope the current day will trigger a turnaround for the better. Let’s make an end with the bad and the useless”.

“If it takes the IMF to impose us to do the obvious, then we deserve it. The “re-establishment of the State” will eventually be done externally imposed, whether we like it or not…”
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