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Bang the Pot Against the Crisis! Pot-Protests in Greece

photo source: ΚατσαRollers facebook – Protest May 5, 2010

Cacerolada a la Grecia – Greek Casserole

Bang the Pot Against the Crisis! Pot-Protests in Greece

The principle of cacarollers is simple: “Take an old pot and a scoop, sit down and start banging the scoop over the pot”.

The instructions are posted in the facebook-site of ΚατσαRollers, a protest movement that gathered spontaneously in Aristotelous Square in Thessaloniki, last Saturday.

300 people took their pots and scoops to the Square, only an hour or so after reading the internet call. Young and old, men, women and even children gave a “sound” express to their dissatisfaction over the harsh austerity measures imposed by the Greek government.

“The pot and the scoop symbolize the humiliated income and foretell the upcoming ‘empty pot’. If they target the pot, so let’s give it the right to protest!” underline the organizers.

The noisy pot-protests, or caceroladas, became worldwide known in 2001 when thousands of mostly middle-class Argentineans started banging empty pots to protest the freezing of all bank accounts and trapping of their savings – an economic measure imposed by the government of bankrupt Argentina.

2003 it was the Spaniards, who banged their pots, in order to protest against the II. Iraq War and the participation of Spain.

2009 was the turn of Icelanders to take their pots to the streets and protest the loss of their savings and the economic collapse of Iceland due to the financial crisis of 2008.

Greek Cacarola          Greek Casserole

As Greece goes indebted to the punch with an € 300 billion budget deficit in 2010, it is now the Greek pots and their holders to “sound” their anger and distress over the harsh and some unjust austerity measures and protest their uncertain future.

Adopting an innovative name deprived from the combination of Greek κατσαρόλα (katsarola for “stew pot”) and Span/Engl. cacerola/casserole) the group is called the Caca-rollers or Κατσα-rollers)! They hope to play a leading role in protests against the economic crisis and deny any links to political parties.

Next protest gathering of ΚατσαRollers is set for Saturday, May 15, at 17:30 again in Thessaloniki. The organizers hope in a broader participation of  pots, scoops and people.

Not to exclude is the possibility to hear scoops banging pots also in Athens or elsewhere in Greece.




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