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Bomb explodes in Athens – One woman injured


A powerful bomb exploded outside Athens’ largest prison, injuring slightly a female passer-by and causing extensive damage.

The explosive device was  hidden in a  travel bag placed inside  a garbage container very close to the prison wall, outside the women’s section. The top security Athens prison is in the Korydallos suburb, west of Athens

Greek media report that an unidentified person had called TV station ALTER and newspaper ELEYTHEROTYPIA, warning that “a bomb will  explose outside the prison in 27 minutes”. The person, a man, apparently had put a cloth in fornt of his mouth to make his voice unrecognisable.

The bomb exploded exactly at the time the caller had predicted and before the police manage to intervene in order to protect passer-bys,  prisoners and working staff.


The powerful explosion shattered windows of nearby homes and was heard even 10 kilometers away. Quoting a police officer  crimesonair.blogspot  writes that  the bomb contained some ten kilograms of explosives.

There is no immediate claim of responsibility, but the explosion occures a couple of weeks after the arrest of several left-wing militants. Two of them are kept in the Korydallos prison.

The attack comes amid harsh austerity measures, union protests and one week after an arson attack killed three employees of Marfin bank, downtown Athens. The arsonists have not been caught by the police yet.

In March, a 15-year-old Afghan boy was killed and his mother and sister wounded after a bomb hiddenin a travel bag  exploded outside a building in central Athens.

Video : Police tries to locate the bomb, when it explodes…

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