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Evacuees from Libya: Some went missing-Greece fears they might stay illegally

There seem to be problems with the evacuation of foreigners from Libya via the port of Heraklion on the island of Crete as Greece is fearing that evacuees from South East Asia may join the army of illegal immigrants in the country. Already 15 Shri Lankans went ‘missing’ after arriving in Greece and there might be an evacuation deadlock if no guarantees are given for several hundreds of Filipinos.

Sri Lankans “missing”

Sri Lankans who were brought to Greece from Libya, en route to Sri Lanka have gone missing and the Greek Government is now considering imposing a ban on Lankans entering the country, according to a Senior Official of the Ministry of External Affairs.

Thirty six Sri Lankans were taken to Greece from Libya on board the Vessel “Olympic Champion”- fifteen of these persons have gone missing.

“Our Embassy in Italy along with our Consul General in Greece is working with authorities to verify the whereabouts of these individuals,” the official said. He also confirmed that the Government of Greece was considering restricting Sri Lankans, fleeing the conflict in Libya, arriving in Greece.

The ship was chartered by the Sino Hydro Company which was transporting their employees, of various nationalities, working in Libya out of the conflict ridden territory. (Source:

Deadlock with Filipinos evacuees?

Some 1,300 to 1,700 Filipinos  are waiting at the port of Benghazi to be transported to Crete and from there to their country. However the Greek government hesitates to give the green light as it apparently has concerns as to whether the Filipinos will indeed continue to Filipines. Cretalive reported that the evacuees to be have no money to charter a plane for immediate repatriation back home neither prospects for satisfactory living conditions there.  

Greece is seeking repatriation guarantees and assurances that the Filipinos will stay on crete only for a couple of days. If Greece’s demands won’t be met, most probably the Filipinos will be transported to Malta or Algeria.

In cooperation with other countries Greece  rushed to evacuate foreigners  from Libya with ships, more than 4,000 Chinese arrived on Crete since last week.


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