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Seven people detained in Anti-Terror Police raid

Five men and two women were detained during a coordinated raid in two houses in Athens and Volos. A big ammunition arsenal including two Kalasnikov and eight pistols, was seized. Among the detainees are three men wanted by the Greek police on the suspicion of involvement  in the urban guerrilla group “Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire”.
The raids took place in the early morning hours of  Monday  and squads of police officers raided one apartment in  Cholargos suburb of Athens and one in Nea Ionia suburb of Volos.
According to the Greek police the wanted men are : Yiorgos Nikolopoulos, 25, Damiano Bolano, 24, and Christos Tsakalos 32. Bolano is Albanian.
Large amount of ammunition, three Kalashnikov assault rifles, eight pistols, wigs, police uniforms, bullet-proof vests, police wireless radios, computers and other items were sized during the raid, Greek police said in a statement. The investigation is conitnueing and police searches apparently the houses of the detainees’ parents in several sububrbs of the Greek capital.
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