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Greek FM: Hot Line for Greeks in Japan – Travel Facilitations

Greek Foreign Ministry has opened a telephone hot line for Greeks residing in Japan. As the situation there is getting more and more alarming, the FM has conferred with airlines companies and has reserved airline tickets to facilitate Greeks who wish to repatriate but are unable to make the necessary reservations. People can contact the Greek embassy in Tokyo. Furthermore the Foreign Ministry has set up a service for anyone wishing information regarding relatives or friends in Japan. You can call following telephone numbers in Athens:

+30 210 368 1730 and +30 210 368 1259 (source: mfa )

PS: Being a Greek who have lived in many foreign countries for several years, I must say I am impressed by the service the Foreign Ministry provides to Greek expats abroad under its current leadership. Seen them evacuating people from Egypt and Libya and trying to smooth the way of Greeks in Japan now, I can’t help but write down my deepest thanks. Many Greeks have often felt lost when a disaster or an awkward situation occurred and the diplomats were anything but helpful in the past.

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