Monday , March 27 2023
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The day is much too lovely for unpleasant news…

My left eye is focused on Libya/NATO, my right eye is turned to nuclear crisis in Japan. At the same time, both eyes surf in internet for news from Greece. However, the day is much too nice for posting about upcoming new austerity measures, as Greece’s Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou implied Saturday morning during a live television broadcast.

The day is much too nice to report about the newly released unemployment data.

Equally unpleasant are crimes against humans or abuses against animals.

Conflicts between political parties are of minor to no interest at all as well. The same applies to the political future of politicians or newly established parties.

On the same level of the “Who Cares”-category are news about the local celebrities even though they produce news of grave importance for the human race: Many ex showbiz  members declare openly “I wanna be a mom!” 

So there is nothing left to report about today? Well… I could do a post about the C.A.P. Photo Contest winner and a presentation about the animal welfare society Walk with Donekys Sanctuary – however these posts need quite some work and today I have no time for this 🙁

Let’s see what the day will bring…

Don’t forget the watch the wonderful Giant Full Moon tonight!

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