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Greek economy? Thanks for asking…

How is Greek economy doing?  Apart from the failure to combat tax evasion, to cut state spending by trimming the  state apparatus and to boost development to escape recession…. thanks for asking! A BBC survey conducted among Euro economists show no good ahead. Two-thirds of the 52 respondents forecast a default! “The €uro will survive but Greece will die” they said more or less. At the same time, economics Bloomberg asks whether Greece is this  decade’s Argentina…?

The Greek government however sees a light a the end of the tunnel at the end of 2011 and return to the markets in 2012. it also reteriates that there will be no further cuts in wages and pensions. As the government spokesman stated “there are other ways to fill the holes”. So be prepared for extra contributions, cut in state services, possible Value Added Tax hikes – only to mention a few.

Meanwhile Greeks can start taking tango lessons… Return to national products and try to survive. Of course, there have to be national products first. The state can finally proceed in combating bureaucracy for the establishment of a business.

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  1. greece was not ready to make an entry on eurozone.
    the previous greek governments accused france and germany that they agreed for the entrance because greece spent 100 billions for weapons by the french and german army so it was natural to have defecit and they called madame defecit not marie antoinette this time but the appetite of colonial powers for money

    according to my opinion eurozone is like nobel of literature
    it concerns ex cololial superpowers with a sense of superiority and with cosmopolitan excitements

    on the basis that nobel of literature moves the eurozone moves at the same direction

    portugal deserved to be a member because was an ex colonial superpower with colonies in africa, asia and latin america[brazil]
    spain the same thing
    great britain, france, germany, austria, belgium, netherlands, denmark were countries with colonies in all continents

    austria once was a an empire well known as austrian hungary enmpire
    for the fans of history

    the archeological museums that contain treasures by a variety of nations is the best proof for that

    they have plenty of money on their stock by the first materials that they took by other countries

    ireland never was a colonial superpower like greece

    so they should have been members of the eurozone from the beggining
    they didnt steal treasures from other nations
    so they didnt deserve to be members of eurozone

    the same thing happens for poland, hungary, valcan countries

    they do not have any relation to the economy of colonial superforces
    or ex superforces neither cyprus

    on the contrary they should be members of eurozone usa, russia and turkey because they were empires behaving on their foreign nations as colonies on their continent

    all these countries deserved to be members of eurozone

    the only thing the greeks are saying is that before eurozone they were rich and eurozone made them poor and beggars

    the truth is somewhere in the middle

    it contains erotonomicon for colonial superforces