Thursday , May 23 2019
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Cyber Crime Police hunts animal abusers on internet

The presence of many internet sites showing pictures and videos with animal torture is a cause of concern for the Greek police, numerous animal lovers and welfare societies.

According to daily TO VIMA, more than 2,500 complaining electronic messages (e-mails) reach  the officers at the Department of Electronic Crime of the Greek police. The e-mails come mainly from Greece, even though messages from abroad arrive as well. The animal loving senders are seeking from police to intervene immediately and close down those animal abusing websites and arrest their administrators.

Currently cyber crime officials are involved in investigating complaints and have already formed files for three cases. Through the analysis of digital PC ‘footprints’ the administrators of three blogs and one website with animal torturing content have been identified. One of the administrators has been known to the police for similar cases.

Cyber Crime Units of Greek Police have been taken very seriously the complaints of the animal lovers, according to our experience, and they deserve a big Bravo!

We do hope that torture and killing of animals and posting relevant pictures and videos on internet will be included in the new Law for the protection of the Greek animals.

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