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So Sad! The Chained Barrel Dogs of Lesvos! (& Petition)

I arrived in Petra, a village in the north of Lesvos on a Wednesday night. On the way there driving by car from the port I saw nothing but a thick darkness and some village lights close or far away. I enjoyed Petra for a couple of days, and I refused to move around. I just wanted to enjoy the sea. I only paid a short visit to nearby Molyvos to meet some friends. But then the last day of my vacations on Lesvos, the day I took the bus to the port, I saw the whole drama: The Chained Barrel Dogs!

 What a disaster for the human race. What a tragic life for these dogs. All the way to Kalloni, on every acre and square meter of olive groves or mow pieces of land… the barrel dogs. So many. So lonesome. Held in chains. With an empty bowl in front of them. Often no water. Often no shelter around. Laying just there. Doing nothing. All their lives. “What the hell,” I thought. “What do all these dogs do there? Guard? on Chain?”. I grabbed my camera. But the bus speed and its dirty windows hindered me from taking any picture.

Then a couple of days ago, I received this e-mail featuring a petition about the barrel dogs of Lesvos and an animal welfare society that feeds these poor creatures. Christel de Haas writes in her petition for the chained barrel dogs of Lesvos:

All alone, in the middle of nowhere, with only some dirty water (in some cases no water) and no food. And a small shelter, such as a pile of stones with a plank on it, a wooden box, or a rusty barrel.

On the island of Lesvos, EreSOS For Animals a sanctuary for animal welfare, will try and feed as much dogs as they can. Very sweet dogs most of the time.

They sit there for the sheep, to keep them in place so they do not wander. Or in some cases they have to guard a construction site, or a house. Day and night! Winter and summer! Those hot summers there! Year after year. That is such a terrible life for a dog.

I’m trying to get as much signatures as possible to show the Greek government that the rest of the world is seeing this as animal abuse. Dogs as well as other animals need fresh water and food. They should be able to run and play and not be alone all the time. It’s time that Greece takes it’s responsibility and start unchaining these poor dogs on all the islands and mainland. I will be eternally grateful if you sign this petition. You cannot save all the dogs of the world but you can save the world for one dog!

Please, sign the petition and forward it for other to sign as well. Just Click the Link Here

Arriving at the port I saw all these stray dogs seeking some shadow in park surrounding the Lesvos castle. So many, holding together in small groups.

Thank God, there are some animal welfare societies on the island to feed, give water and take some care of these dogs. There is the Lesvos Animal welfare Society, for example.

If you happen to be in Petra, go visit Rebecca at her Travel Agency office (main street down to the port, turn left, after the supermarket) and drop a donation for the strays of Lesvos.

Another thing I didn’t like neither on Lesvos nor on Chios. The so many emaciated cats. Skin and bones. And a real sad look. And a shy mew here and there right next to my leg when sitting at a tavern…

 Really sad!

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  2. why are these dogs being treated this way? what is the reason ignorant people keep them on a short chain in a garbage can and no water/food? it’s just plain cruelty. where the hell are the animal laws? these ignorant people need to experience what these poor dogs have to endure day in/day out. greece, a beautiful place – I THINK NOT! hell on earth for these poor animals.

  3. What sort of people are the Greeks that they allow such cruelty and clearly condone it? Let the dogs go to decent homes or sanctuaries NOW!

  4. keeptalkinggreece

    the barrel-dog phenomenon does not occur in rural areas of Greece only vut in many other countries as well, incl. the USA.

  5. KTG, I would have to disagree with you regarding the USA. Of course, there are people who abuse animals in the states, but not on this level as we have here in Greece.

    But, the main reason for this is that in Greece, there is no serious prosecution, or jail time for offenders, so why would anyone (sheepherder etc) be bothered to treat the dogs better. No consequences.

    People are people, even in the USA, but when Americans mistreat animals like this, they are arrested and given jail time usually. That’s the difference.

  6. Forgot this link. For example, we had this issue recently in Florida where a couple was mistreating and hoarding 700 cats. Horrible! Yes, but as soon as the authorities were aware of it, they raided their house, arrested them, and now they are facing multiple felonies, i.e, serious jail time.

    In contrast, on all the Greek islands it’s so common that anyone even you can take photos and nothing is done? Why haven’t the Greek police contacted you to find out where you saw this and where they can go and arrest these people? That’s the question…

    Sorry, but animal abuse in Greece is a hot button for me, and although I truly appreciate you bringing this to light, please don’t fool yourself to think that this type of wholesale abuse happens in the USA as much. We have other serious problems in the USA, but animal abuse is not one of them.

    I try to say this with a friendly tone, but sometimes text doesn’t allow that, so i’ll add a smily face 🙂

  7. All countries have some issues with animal abuse unfortunately, but in Greece the authorities have yet to weigh in and arrest people like the US/UK when they are notified.

  8. Hi folks, I want to hand over this petition in Athens ASAP.Do you guys know anyone that has contacts or friends in the Greek government? Someone that can make an appointment for me with the Ministry of Agriculture and/or the Ministry of Tourism. Someone in Greece tried it for me but it’s seems so difficult.Because I am not a Greece citizen they say. If I can arrange an appointment I will go to Athens between 26 and 30 sept.