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Greek Fin Min Gives Wrong SMS Number for Property Tax Exemptions

That’s a true …Greek planning! Glorification of Sloppiness. The SMS number <54160> given public by the Finance Ministry for those who are entitled to be exempted from the Emergency Property Tax …belongs also to one or even two other subscribers! The ministry tries to correct the issue and there will be most probably an extension of the deadline, which is tomorrow, October 2nd 2011. 

Wondering what will happen with the tax payers data that were sent to wrong subscribers and not the General Secretary of the Fin Min. There are unconfirmed claims that on of the subscribers is a service at the state television.

No need to further comment… Really:) 🙂 🙂

source: and all Greek websites, new portals etc

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  1. Oh my dear Lord! Glad is was not my number. Tens of thousands sms coming in this weekend. It would drive you totally crazy!

    And yes, I am sort of glad I am not one of the ‘exemptions’. Because I really would not fancy sending my AFM and other details over an unsecured sms-line. Even without this blunder this is totally irresponsible, because it is not difficult to intercept them.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      that is definately the joke of the month – of Sept – more jokes to come in Oct, I suppose lol