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Kalamata: Couple manages to “freeze” Poll-Tax per Court Decision

Lawyer, Dimitra Diakoumi, and her farmer husband, Theodore Vavaroutsos from Kalamata are the first Greek citizens who managed to “freeze” the emergency property tax without having the electricity cut off. The couple considered the amount of property tax that they were asked to pay to power company DEH as onerous. They had calculated that they’d had to pay €558.90 but they were asked €2,235.60! They sought the intervention of justice. It turned out that DEH had made a calculation mistake…

The couple owes a two storey building in Giannitsanika/Kalamata in off plan area. While the building has a “​structured electrified surface” of 162 qm, the property tax was wrongly calculated for a surface of 243 qm!

The First Instance Court of Kalamata, forbade the cut off of the electricity due to unpaid emergency property tax until the couple’s request for  interim measures will be discussed at the court at the end of February 2012.

If the couple had not seek the justice, it could be forced either to pay the hefty sum or be left without electricity. Then the emergency property tax bill foresees that electricity be cut off if the owners do not pay.

Beware when you receive the emergency property bill and do not go pay without double and triple checking! Greek media report of grave and expensive mistakes for the property owners due to miscalculations in the taxed surface, the value zone and the age of the property.

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