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Greek MP: Rent the Acropolis and Major Archaeological Sites

Conservative Nea Dimokratia MP and former Minister Gerasimos Giakoumatos called the Greek government to lease the Acropolis and the major archaeological sites in order to fill up state registers. Speaking to VIMA FM Giakoumatos said “it is better to rent to private companies the Acropolis than to cut wages and pensions. Rent the Parthenon, the Delphi, the Temple of Apollo, Knossos and let the money flow into the public funds.”

By renting the Acropolis, the jewel of Athens will be free from strikes, it will be open 24 hours per day, it will secure revenues and will boost the tourism, Giakoumatos claimed pointing out “Are the French who rent the Versailles smarter than us?” 

Regarding possible objections for his original proposal, Giakoumatos said “the phyco and entrenched should leave aside the theories of yesterday and look forward to the future of the homeland.:

PS Commenting to Giakoumatos proposal, an internet user with nickname “Real Estate Agent” wrote to  Greek blog Fimotro, that according to the latest law on buying and renting real estate, it is not possible to rent the Acropolis as it does have a ‘green energy passport’ and it does not fulfil the requirements to get one. As of 1.1.12 all real estate properties have to have this passport. Every real estate transaction will cost the property owner at least €300-500 to get it. Not to mention the cost for the renovation works…


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  1. Who needs Germans calling for selling the Acropolis when, here in Greece, we have parliamentarians like him?
    What is this with these former ministers. They seem hell bend on showing the world how they destroyed Greece. 🙄

    Archaeological Sites and museums are, together with tourism goldmines in all countries around the world. But not here. No, here we have closed almost all cafés on the sites and most museum shops were closed the last time I looked. We just don’t WANT to earn money, it seems. Oh yes, just collecting rent. That’s much nicer than going about restructuring the state and removing idiotic rules. Just one example: to work as a guide on archaeological sites one has to go to ‘guide school’ for four years and be fluent in Greek. To name just two ‘rules’. Then when you go to Mystras you can not get any guide because of the four that where allowed to guide groups, two are retired, one just never picks up the phone and the third does not speak English!!! Guess what we have to do with groups from abroad?
    And please, please, PLEASE former-minister-mp, please just pass a law abolishing BEBAIOSHs, in fact, abolish even the WORD and fine every person who ever uses it again! I have at the moment three on my desk that all will take me a morning each to get stamped and signed for the umpteenth time! *AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!* 😈

    • keeptalkinggreece

      at the very end he said “rent/lease” not “sell”. You understand why yr comment was a bit ‘edited’…

      • What did you edit? Did I imply that he wanted to sell? If I did, then that was an honest typo kind of thing because it was totally clear in your article that he is asking for renting or leasing out those places.
        My impending nervous breakdown might take an heavier toll on my mental capacities than already noticed… 😛

  2. Has the government paid the property taxes on these sites yet? If not, are they about to get their electricity cut off……

  3. Agapoula Thn Kukula

    How much would it cost to rent the Acropolis this weekend. I’ve got a date with a lady from Finland I met recently and would like to impress her? Any ideas?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      currently just the entrance price – unless there’s a strike by archaeological sites guars.

  4. Nikolaos Chatziandreou

    It’s amazing politicians can be so ignorant. Obviously, Mr. Giakoumatos has no relation whatsoever with cultural heritage management. People without any knowledge in a field should refrain from making such gross comments publicly.