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Protesters Hurl Eggs at PASOK MPs in Athens Bar (video)

Twelve PASOK MPs met at a bar in downtown Athens to discuss the political situation ahead the possible change in the party leadership.  However a group of 15 young people …invaded the bar and the friendly chat turned into a noisy mess. The protesters hurled eggs, bottles, yogurt and even one or two stones flew towards the deputies. According to information of news portal, when the protesters entered the bar “Cue”, they asked first  “Who are the deputies here?” When somebody pointed to the MPs,  the protesters shouted “You’ll think twice before you go out again” and “What have to done to the people?”. Then the harassment with the eggs and yogurt started, some glasses and ashtrays were broken, while some protesters did some life-threatening gestures. The news portal reported that two deputies had been allegedly very slightly injured.


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The incident lasted only a couple of minutes. When the police arrived, the protesters had already disappeared from the bar scene and the area. The deputies claimed that they were not ‘anarchists’ but they looked more like ‘profesional protesters’ (!)

PS The ashtrays were most probably used for nutshells and not for cigarette ashes. Everybody knows in Greece that smoking is prohibited in enclosed areas.

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