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Karditsa: Animal Shelter in Dire Need of Help After Floods; 160 Dogs and Cats in Danger

This is a dramatic situation in the Filokardi animal shelter of Karditsa in Central Greece. Heavy snow falls and torrential rains caused damages and flooded the shelter area. The animals’ houses are under water and the 130 dogs and cats, plus 20 puppies, have not an inch of dry soil to rest.

At the same time, unknown burglars broke into the shelter last week and stole all the food supplies.

One of the shelter volunteers, Ermioni Giannakou, describes the dramatic situation in Facebook:

The snow melted, the daily rains led to fill all the irrigation canals, to overflow, and all the water to drown the shelter literally! 

The images we saw yesterday morning were no words to express themselves, words are not easily articulated to convey all this destruction! 

Chaos … all the dogs in a river of water, many of them were trapped inside their houses, no dry place to sit, all sailing in the water showing the great destruction! 

Even the dogs had a look of bewilderment and despair in front of the picture they saw… everywhere … 

The hopelessness and despair was clearly at the faces of the volunteers who did not know where to start, what to do … 140 dogs at their mercy …Even the dogs approach was difficult, the water literally in many places exceeded the 45 points, we needed  boats to get to the dogs! 

We tried to extricate the handicapped, the sick and puppies, we called in desperation volunteers and others to take for a few days some of the puppies, since they were most at risk now, but we had almost no response since all people already hosted dogs… (further reading here)

The four shelter volunteers make an urgent and dramatic appeal for help. Food, vaccines, frontline, blankets… Anything that someone can spare…

Or just a donation. No matter how small or big.

The shelter “Filokardi” is located 3 km away from the highway Karditsa-Trikala.

You can reach Ermioni Giannakou at mobile +30-6930434093 and offer any help you can.

You can also send your donations through a chip-in in the shelter’s official website or via Paypal, e-mail: [email protected]

more pictures in Facebook

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  1. Please assist with a small donation which will help this group and the animals in their care and also please write and join an appeal for assistance from their local authority. This is a draft letter which can be utilized Thank you

    To: [email protected]
    Cc: [email protected]
    Subject: EMERGENCY

    Dear Sir,

    The animal group in Kardisa are faced with a tremendous emergency. Their shelter is flooded, the animal in their care suffering and desperate.

    Whilst I fully appreciate that the extreme bad weather has resulted in floods which has caused great distress for your citizens and that their care and welfare is paramount. I ask with the greatest respect if you can assist this animal group by a simple emergency response.

    Is it possible to allow the use of a small area of municipality property or land where these animals can be moved on a short term basis in order that they can receive the care and welfare which they so desperately need.

    This would be a compassionate and welcome response which would neither be at the authority’s cost or involvement.

    I ask that you please consider this request


  2. Thank you so much for sharing and helping their story.