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Anagnostakis: “Old Streets I Loved and Hated Endlessly…”

The previous post about Athenians and migrants searching for food in the garbage bins reminded me of this powerful poem by Greek existential poet Manolis Anagnostakis. It is called “Old Streets” (Δρόμοι Παλιοί). Pain and despair. And lost souls in the anonymity in a city that is dead… Anagnostakis may have referred to his native city Thessaloniki. But it reminds me of Athens in 2012. A city that I  have loved but now it hurts and depresses me.

Old Streets

Old streets I loved and hated endlessly
me walking under the shadows of the houses
unavoidable nights of homecoming, and the city is dead

I find my insignificant presence in every corner
make me meet you once lost range of desire I am too
Forgotten and untamed I walk
holding a flickering a spark in my wet palms

And there I was walking through the night without knowing anyone
and not even one, not even one knew me, knew me….

Video: Mikis Theodorakis composed the music. In this very nice version, Anna Parlapanou sings and Kostas Griogreas plays classical guitar

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Dromoi Palioi was also the music theme in “Serpico

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  1. Very emotional music and lyrics. It is a special thing when a talented musician feels the need to set a special poem to music. It always results in pure gold.

  2. You may be interested to look at my posting about Thessaloniki and this song earlier this year:

    One of my favourite songs

    • keeptalkinggreece

      mine too. In fact I visited your blog earlier hoping to find an English translation of the poem lol