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Dozens Greeks Willing to Return Illegal Social Benefits

Dozens Greeks are apparently willing to return the social benefits that they illegally obtained fro several years after several government bodies run a severe cross-checking. Speaking to VIMA FM, Athens deputy mayor Kalliopi Giannopoulou said that these false “beneficiarie”s seek the municipality and request to return the money in installments. However, no solution has been found for such cases by the Finance Ministry.

Health minister Andreas Loverdos said recently that after the census of ‘disabled benefits’ there will be a process for the money return by all those who have received the benefits without a real disability. Loverdos had said further that those who issued the false certifications will be punished.

The state suffered losses worth at least 111 million euro from false beneficiaries who put in their pockets several hundreds euro per month, giving a commission to doctors and administration employees of insurance funds.

It takes two to tango and more than two to corrupt and bribe…


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  1. As much as I hate the thought of these people getting away with just returning the stolen money, it might give a opportunity to clean out the stables. In exchange for all the names of all the officials that facilitated them in this crime and then getting them in front of special courts immediately.
    But I am afraid it will be done like always: there will be a call for a clean slate. Just pay a couple of thousand euro and close the books…