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“Solidarity With Greece” Protest Inside the British Museum

Visitors at the British Musem were stunned to see silent marbles suddenly getting a voice. Among the several artifacts of the Elgin Marbles, a banner was saying “Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay. Solidarity with Greece”. Greek archaeologists and students as well members of “Coalition of Resistance” and “Greece Solidarity Campaign” had raised the banner to create awareness about the protection of cultural heritage in Greece. The symbolic action in the Hellenic Exhibition Hall of the British Museum on Tuesday was aiming to protest the harsh austerity measures implied by the IMF and the Troika of Greece’s lenders.

According to news portal , the chairwoman of the Greek Archaeologists Association, Despoina Koutsoumpa, said that “the museum visitors applauded the action and that the guards were taken by surprise so that they had not time to stop them.

Their campaign, “Monuments have no voice. They must have yours,” accuses the IMF and the Troika of imposing austerity measures, such as wage cuts, leaving archaeologists, which are civil servants, and other workers unable to preserve the ancient Greek statues, wrote GreekReporter.

Former British Labour Party politician Tony Benn is the president of the movement “Coalition of Resistance”.

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