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Stylida Mayor: “Vote Only Those Candidates With Working Experience”

 Short before the ballot boxes open, mayor of Stylida, gave some advice to voters. “Read all candidates’ CVs and vote only for those who can prove they have working experience,” Apostolos Gkletsos told Lamia Report. Greek voters mark a cross next to the name of the candidate or candidates they prefer on the ballot paper of their choice party. The number of crosses varying from one to five depending on constituency size.

Making a very clear point against those candidates who spent their youth and adult life working only for political parties, former actor Apostolos Gkletsos stressed that “one cannot claim to be a minister, without previous management experience, even if it is to manage half a kiosk.”

PS It’s not a secret that party candidates and later general secretaries, government officials and so on are often called “children of the party tube” as they have spent more of their life working for the party than working in real life….

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