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UPD: Second Hand-Grenade Discovered Outside Private Skai TV

A hand-grenade was discovered outside private SKAI TV studios in Neo Faliro suburb of South Athens on Sunday noon. The grenade, apparently of  Russian defensive F1-type was discovered before it exploded.

Explosive specialists, fire-brigades and anti-terror police were dispatched to Skai studios, while the traffic on surrounding streets and avenues was halted.

According to Skai TV, the broadcaster received a phone call  in the early morning hours of Sunday warning of “two hand-grenades” and that the phone call was not a “farce”. However first police control did not find anything relevant.

The hand-grenade was discovered by a Skai journalist at 1 p.m.

An hour later, a second phone call warned that there was a second hand-grenade and police teams should search for it more thoroughly.

UPDATE: A second hand-grenade was discovered at Skai’s yard at 3 pm near the place where the first grenade was laying.

 Skai TV speaks of “an attempt to muzzle pluralism and free information” on the elections day.

Journalists and staff speak of a provocative action and a murder attempt on the Greek elections day.

Political parties condemned the act and government spokesman Dimitris Tsiodras said “Democracy in Greece is very strong and cannot be terrorized.”


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  1. Vote for Syriza, if you love your Country.

  2. It’s reassuring to hear that after explicit warnings, the Greek police cannot locate grenades in the street whereas journalists can. Perhaps we should sack all the police and replace them with unemployed journalists.

    BTW, is it me or does the grenade in the second photo look more like a dead chicken (if you ignore the red circle, put there to convince you)?