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Chania: Horrible! Mass-Poisoning of 32 Shelter Dogs (*Graphic pictures)

It was a devastated picture Linda Lucas saw in the morning when she went to feed the dogs of the shelter: lifeless bodies were laying here and there. Some animals were still  struggling for life under torturing pain. Foam and blood were dripping from their mouths.  Linda immediately rushed to the phone and called the vet. She tried to save the lives of as many dogs as she could. More than thirty healthy and vaccinated dogs found an incredible painful death through poison.  Unknown and coward culprits threw poisoned food over the fence in the night of July 7th 2012.
The poor dogs were living in the Rescue Centre for dogs in Kaina village, near Chania on the island of Crete.
All the dogs were vaccinated, castrated and healthy and were living behind fence. 
The Rescue Centre is run by UK-citizen Linda Lucas and dedicated volunteers. The Centre has been financed by charitable donations from abroad.
After the tragic and brutal mass-poisoning Linda Lucas said in an interview:
The coward killing of the dogs triggered an outrage among Greek and foreign animal lovers in Crete and else where who demand an urgent investigation by the local authorities.
Members of the Animal Welfare Society of Chania organized a protest at the square of Kaina. In their website, Chania animal lovers say that Linda Lucas has been giving shelter for abandoned, dumped and stray dogs and that she has been harassed by local animal breeders who at the same time did not refrain from leaving a box full of new born puppies outside the shelter.
Please, send an e-mail to Mayor of Chania and demand the investigation of the brutal killing:
Manolis Skoulakis Mayor [email protected]
Municipality services [email protected]
Office of Public Relations [email protected]
You could copy-paste this sample e-mail created by Molly Mason This is the email (or one of them) which she has sent, if you wish to use this in part and add your own comments please feel free.
Dear Mr Skoulakis, news is truly appalling and warrants an immediate investigation at the highest level.

Inline images 1

This shelter near Vamos which offers sterilisation vaccination, care and welfare for many of Chania’s dumped, abandoned and unwanted dogs runs entirely on the financial donations from overseas charity and is situated on privately owned land.

It is disgraceful that this shelter operated by volunteers and costing Cretan people or your authority NOTHING has suffered from harassment for years from land owners in the surrounding area. The shelter does not cause any problems for residents, the fencing is secure, and the site is not in a populated area.

You must be aware of the many past threats and problems caused to these volunteers and the animals in their care?

Why has authority action NOT been taken to protect, promote and assist the extremely valuable work which they do?

Your municipality animal care and welfare provision would be reduced to truly abysmal levels without this shelters vital contribution.

I and others have been promoting Chania Municipality for its recent decision to at least part finance some stray animal care. This horrendous event and the publicity it has rightly received has once again seriously and dramatically affected Chania’s animal care lack of provision and reputation.

Many now demand an immediate thorough investigation together with a press release that this abject mindless and illegal cruelty will NOT be tolerated and actions will be taken to protect the shelter, its volunteers and its animals.

I also feel that a meeting should be arranged with adjacent land owners to inform them of the importance of the shelters work. Farmers must be made aware of the fact that the whole areas tourist input is seriously undermined by continual harassment of the shelter and abuse of stray animals. Lack of municipality and police action to halt this harassment must have played a huge role to encourage a mindless coward to commit this horrendous attack against defenseless dogs in this shelters care.

Your urgent action is extremely important, many people are awaiting a persona statement from you emphasizing that you will do all in your power to not only rigorously pursue the perpetrator but also offer a solution and action to give meaningful protection to this shelter.

I look forward to your response.

As Greece managed to pass a law for animal protection last year, the cowards need to be captured as soon as possible and get the heaviest penalty and imprisonment. ASAP!

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  1. keeptalkinggreece

    who says, she didn’t have antidotes? it’s not just a matter of one or more syringes. also how long the animal had the poison… and with this number of animals? hard to save them all.

  2. I don’t believe this is in the Hania municipality. According to Wikipedia Kaina village used to be in Vamos municipalitywhich is now part of Apokoronia municipality:

    • keeptalkinggreece

      it was quite confusing, but for some reasons the animWelf of Chania decided to send their protest e-mails to Chania municipality. Maybe it belongs to Chania with the new Municipalities law…?

  3. keeptalkinggreece

    I know it was well meant 🙂

  4. Absolutely DISGUSTING!! I would look to your immigrant population; most Muslims hate dogs and I’ve heard many threaten to do similar things in the US.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      so far no foreigner has been convicted by any Greek court for animal abuse. They were all… Greeks!

    • Disgusting indeed. But equally disgusting is the knee jerk reaction immediately pointing the finger at immigrants, muslims at that. I’m surprised you didn’t specify furhter and aimed your poison at black muslims. You have no proof, no reason and no right. Anywhere else in Europe you would be pulled up straight away for the crime of “hate speech”, and rightfully so. High time this gets introduced in Greece as well.

      • keeptalkinggreece

        I think her comment should be deleted 🙂

        • Hmmm, I think there’s no harm in showing the outside world what ignorance can look/sound like…But then, not my blog of course.
          Can you organise a call from your friends in the Call centre telling her she won a free holiday to lets say Timboktou? She might even get to learn a thing or to about what Muslims are really about?

          • keeptalkinggreece

            that’s why I apporved it: to show the world how ignorance and blindness can look like…

  5. So,So, SAD. Who ever did this is heartless and needs to be put away!!!