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Greek Foreign Ministry Issues Travel Warning for Syria

Greek Foreign Ministry issued on Wednesday a travel advisory and asks Greeks to avoid travelling to Syria. Violence dramatically escalated on Wednesday night with at least 200 people killed after the assassination of the Defence Minister and two other top military officials.

“Due to the rapid deterioration of the security situation in Syria and the spread of clashes and suicide attacks in Damascus, the Foreign Ministry asks that Greeks not to travel to Syria for any reason whatsoever.

Greek citizens working in Syria are asked to take all possible precautions and stay in contact with the Greek Embassy in Damascus.” (

Syrian capital, Damascus, was facing an escalation of violence last night as the teetering regime of President Bashar al-Assad reacted with force to the assassination of three top military officials.

A day after the deadly bomb attack that killed some of his closest aides, the President was nowhere to be seen – sparking speculation he had been injured. There was also speculation that his wife Asma had fled to Russia.

Forces loyal to the regime last night pounded rebel hideouts in Damascus, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. ”Explosions are heard throughout the capital,” it said.

Rima Flaihan, of the Local Co-ordination Committees in Syria, said at least 200 people had been killed in the wake of the bomb attack. ”The regime is in a horrid state of savagery, seeking revenge for the killings of the military leaders,” she said. (Further Reading )


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