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Greek PM Dismissed Claims of 150-EUR Poll Tax to Property Owners

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras dismissed claims about the imposition of a 150-EUR poll tax to property owners with income from leasing real estates. To a reporter’s question whether there would be a new tax on properties, Samaras stressed “There is no such government intention. Those circulating such scenarios should be more careful”

Samaras -currently in Rome – also dismissed leakages to the press that there would be reduction of allowances for disabled, as part of the 11.5-billion -euro austerity package. “No, of course, not!” Samaras told the reporter.

On Thursday, sources from government partner PASOK leaked to the press that Finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras had brief the government partners that the Troika had demanded a poll tax to close budget holes.

it’s not clear whether there was not indeed such a proposal, whether PASOk was targeting Stournaras or the prime minister dismissed the claims as the public reaction did not welcomed the news.

So far, the bailout-austerity-measures experience of the last two years has shown that one measures is leaked to the press, it is then been dismissed but at the end it’s being imposed after six months or so.

PS Samaras excluded only the property onwers from the poll tax, not the other groups of taxpayers… Or is it just me thinking this way?

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