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Athens: Protesting Disabled “Push Themselves Through” to PM’s Office

They were determined. The people with disabilities who gathered on Thursday morning to protest allowances, pensions and wages cuts, the deterioration of the health care system and the collapse of social welfare. Parents pushing their children’s wheelchairs, elderly accompanying kids with Down’s syndrome, blinds with their walking stacks, deaf with banners… 1,500 people were determined to speak with the prime minister.

What if the Ministry for Citizen Protection had deployed several dozens policemen and police buses to hinder them from reaching Maximos Mansion. What if Samaras was meeting his coalition government partners on the several billion euro austerity package.

They were determined to speak with the Prime Minister of Greece.

When they reached outside the PM’s office, riot policemen pushed them back with their shields. But they were determined. They activated all the power they had and pushed aside the policemen. They made their way through.

 Video: moments of tension between protesters and policemen

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They are currently meeting with the director of  Samaras’ office.

Earlier they had marched to the Finance Ministry.

It is the third protest they organized in order to protest the “unambiguous economic misery, linking directly to the disorganization of the social care system and the abolition of minimum social benefits they received until recently.”

Among others they demand, no cuts in allowances for disabled, to be excempted from cuts in supplementary pensions and lump sums and advocate no cuts in tax advantages until a fair taxation system is implemented.

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