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Can Samaras Replace Sarkozy in Merkel’s Heart? An Astro-Match

I just came up with this post idea, when I saw the picture of Angela Merkel and Antonis Samaras while the Greek Prime minister was visiting Berlin in August 2012. The question that immediately popped up in my mind, while watching the deep looking into each others’ eyes was: Can Samaras replace Sarkozy in the heart of Merkel?

 The answer can be given only through astrology match

Antonis Samaras is a restless Gemini, Angela Merkel a sensitive Cancer

Gemini and Cancer possess the same virtue, both are good talkers, and the same vices, both get moody frequently. When they come together, it will turn out to be an interesting partnership. Gemini is intellectual, and the Cancer, sensitive and emotional. Cancer needs attention and if Gemini become reluctant to appreciate the Cancer, chances are there for problems to arise.

Cancer has the ability to understand the restlessness of the Twins, and will more often tolerate and adjust to this. Crabs are impressionable people, but they frequently get contrary and sullen, but the Twins with the ability of sweet talk or double talk will make their mood changed.

Cancerians are tend to be intuitive and can teach their Gemini companions to slow down and appreciate life instead of rushing on to the next thing. Gemini owns an open, expressive nature that appeals to Cancer, who often shows a tendency to suppress their feelings and emotions. Cancer can store up intense, feminine energy, and Gemini can help them learn to ooze out this energy.

The Twin man and the Crab Woman is not a workable combo. The Crab is far too moody and sensitive for the unstable ways of a Twin man. The flirtatious nature of a Gemini will become hurtful for the sensitive Cancer woman. She wants a sweet home and to spend most of her time with family and off course, with her Gemini man. But he will be in search of excitement outside the home, meeting a lot of people every day.

A Crab seeks emotional support and concern from her Twin man, but it will prove to be difficult for him to empathize with her all the time. Cancer’s emotionality is sometimes excessive; her Gemini partner can help her use his intellect to balance this tendency.

Even though this relation possesses many defects, it also has many positive things. The Gemini man can bring out the Cancer woman out of its shell with his ability of sweet talking and generous nature. Cancer, on the other hand, can teach Gemini how to slow down and watch and appreciate the happening of the world around them.

Gemini is very protective of Cancer and takes care of them; they can be the Cancerian’s knight in a shining armor. In return, Additionally, Gemini needs to listen to Cancer: The Crab is strongly instinctive, and their advice can help Gemini avoid emotional dramas and remain in situations where they are needed. (from Astro-Vision)

Smaras and Merkel have much more in common politically than Merkel had with ex PM Papandreou, also a Gemini. Papandreou was a Socialist, while Samaras shares the values of the conservative and right-wing CDU. *sigh*

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  1. You have to consider seriously that Cancerians cannot easily tolerate Gemini’s alterations and “double minderes” as they requite stability + stability. On the other habd Cronos has just left Zygos nad thus Cancerians are free again without Cronos restrictions. Eh ?

  2. right-wing CDU

    Eh… CSU is the right wing of the CDU/CSU Bündnis. Bid like the Independant Greeks to the ND.
    But if CDU is more to the right than the ND? I don’t know. ND has moved quite a bit to the right under Samaras. Only the Statism is still there.

    • I don’t think this has anything to do any longer with being right or left wing. The goalposts have changed over the last 2 decades. People are no longer divined by their political leanings and all the subtleties going with it.
      It has become much simpler.
      Today, you are a “Have” or a “Have not”, irrespective of your political convictions.
      And both CDU and ND are most definitely in the camp of the “Have’s” and couldn’t give a flying f**k about the “Have Nots”. That to is very obvious.

      • You are right about the “Have” and “Have not”. But a bit narrow in your examples. Akis is part of the “Have” big time, isn’t he? And so are a lot of PASOK people and Social Democrats all over Europe. Heck, even Alavanos from SYRIZA is from a big “Have” family here.
        And that’s even not something from the last 2 decades. I know Socialists from way back who were very well off and right wingers that were very “Not Have”.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      CDU and ND are in the same Popular party EU parliament.