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Merkel – Samaras: Mutual Expectations and Consessions

What does the Greek government expect from German Chancellor on visit today? What is Angela Merkel willing to give?

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’s highest expectation is to have the negative climate against Greece changed. And thus before the crucial EU Summit on October 18th 2012.

First of all, Samaras expects a statement of solidarity from the German side. Important for political and publicity reasons, i.e. symbolism. Then Samaras has to announced the additional austerity package to 10 million of broke and dried-out Greeks within the next weeks and has to have some tools in his hands to calm down the angry Greeks and prevent massive social unrest.


For Your Eyes Only: Samaras-Merkel/Berlin/August 2012

Furthermore, he also has to submit his request to his EU and Euro zone partners for a two-year extension so the country gains more time to meet its Troika-imposed targets.

So he desperately needs the support of a strong partner, that is the support of the Chancellor of Germany.

A statement of support and solidarity, that would preferably also put a final end to the scenarios about a Greek euro zone exit.

Of course, he would also also rather see Merkel would making even half a positive remark about the Troika’s report and the release of the 31 billion euro bailout tranche. But German Angela would rather frustrate Greek Antonis on this issue.

The Greek side would also love to bring some investors to Greece. Wealthy German investors. Therefore, Merkel will attend a meeting organized by the Greek-German Chamber of Commerce. But real contracts? In such an unstable political, economical and taxation environment? Hardly an option for today…

Certainly Merkel is not willing to give much to her Greek host. Except publicly stating that the sacrificies of the Greeks and the efforts of the government are being recognized. And remind Samaras, that Greece has to fullfil its obligations, its signed committments and proceed with the structural reforms.

Before taking off from Berlin, the message of the German side was more than clear: The Chancellor “expects constructive and friendly talks.”

PS constructive talks in a friendly atmosphere secured by 7,000 policemen 🙂


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  1. Instead of siding with those who are intent on bringing his country to it’s knees, Samaras would be a much wiser man to give a statement of support and solidarity to his own people and put this representative of vulture capitalism on the first plane back.
    After offering her a meal in a food kitchen and a bed in a shelter, so she can report back with first hand, personal experience how well the plan is working…