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Prison Break Greek -Style: Smoked Salmon & 5* Ward for VIP-Prisoners?

If these allegations proof to be true, then this must be the ultimate Greek-style prison break! Antonis Aravantinos, chief of police prison guards told a relevant parliamentary committee that ex heavy weights of politics, business, sports and life-style, currently in prison, enjoy a lavish life even behind bars. “There is a 5***** ward in operation in Korydallos prison, in Athens, and the rich enjoy a privileged handling,” Aravantinos told the stunned committee members.

“The rich have money and have good time everywhere. Even in prison. Do you know any place where the rich have bad time? Even in prisons the system let them enjoy life. They order from [name of big supermarket chain]. Even yesterday, someone ordered smoked salmon. If they have money and order what can we do? If something would happen to Tsochatzopoulos* or Gavalas*, you will blame us that we killed them.”(, ta nea)

Aravantinos’ allegations urged the Ministry of Justice to order internal investigation in order to check whether the several prison regulations like Article 14 (allows food supply on prisoners’ expenses) are being violated.

The investigation will also check whether there has been violation of the article concerning the staying of prisoners in all ward of Korydallos prison is being also violated.

*Tsochatzopoulos, former Defence Minister, awaits trial for alleged bribes. Gavalas, clothes designer, awaits trial for tax evasion.

 PS a package of smoked salmon for less than 4 euro and thus on the expenses of the prisoner is not a problem. Reason for real concern would be Dom Perignon for face rinsing,  Marie-Antoinette’s cake for peeling and Beluga caviar as revitalizing facial mask.


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