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Athens: Four Young Greeks Attempt to Arson Home of two Pakistani Migrants

There is no end to violence and attacks against migrants with the perpetrators being even younger. In the latest incident that occurred in the night from Sunday to Monday, Greek police arrested four Greeks with charges of attempted arson. The youngest of the perpetrators is 17 years old. 

The four youngsters arrived at the home where two Pakistani nationals have been living in the area Artemis of Spata, some 50 km east of Athens. Wearing hoods and armed with a hammer the men entered the yard. One broke broke the glass of the entrance door with the hammer, another broke with window glasses by throwing stones. The third guy pured gasoline around a motorbike parked in the yard and attempted to start a fire with a piece of paper.

Neighbours alarmed by the noise, started to shout at them and the three fled with a car driven by a fourth accomplice on stand by.

As one of the neighbours had took notice of the car plate number, the police manage to locate and arrest them a couple of hours later. An empty bottle with the strong odor of gasoline and half-burned papers were found on the scene.

During the search of the home of one of the youngsters, police seized a shotgun without license and two casings of cartridges.

The four aged 17, 19, 20 and 23 years old will appear before the prosecutor with charges for attempted arson and material damage.

Neighbours told a news website, that the attackers were members of a gang of 10 persons that has been causing troubles in the area for quite some time.

PS I read this horrifying news of underaged involved in a racist attack  right after I had watched on television the film ‘American History X’. This news was a very sober return of Greek History on the making – unfortunately…


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  1. The EU should sign, with immediate effect, agreements with all the countries currently “supplying” illegal immigrants, for the purpose of exporting thugs like these guys to the home country of thier victims for a period of 2 years. Make them live in the circumstances the immigrants try to excape from. Sweat shops, no drinking water, disease, food shortage, you name it. Make them experience first hand why most illegal immigrants do indeed do anything, at any cost, to get out from where they are.
    The EU should also agree, with immediate effect, that any illegal immigrant who is subjected to any abuse or criminal behaviour will be compensated with immediate legalisation of their stay in the country of abuse.

  2. I know that’s what they say. However, similar attacks happen in Germany, France, Belgium, UK, etc. They can say what they like, it is a problem of any “developed” country, poor people will try and better themselves anywhere they think they can do that. The US was built on this willingness of poor people to believe that they were poor with one bread crumb but rich if somebody threw them a second one. After, it is a 100% increase..
    The problem is not where it happens, it’s what happens. Abuse and homophobia does not recognize borders, no matter what the EU says.