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Greek Pharmacists start giving medicine on credit again, Dec 20/2012

After almost four weeks of mobilizations due to outstanding debts by the Greek National Health Care Organization (EOPYY), Greece’s pharmacists will start to give prescription medicine on credit again. The decision was announce don Wednesday after a meeting of the Greek Pharmacists Federation.

Apparently the Health Ministry will start paying them outstanding debts form last September.

However the pharmacists have reservations on health ministry promises and they warned to meet again in the first two week of January and evaluate the situation.

The cat-and-mouse game between the health ministry and the pharmacists has caused immense troubles to insured patients who have to pay prescription medicine form their own pockets and ask refund from EOPYY that needs several months to fulfill its duty.

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  1. robert beckman lapré

    I am surely glad those unfortunates without jobs/without health insurance are able to get prescription medicines on credit ( al last).But I urge to to read the “paper”published by Nikoalost Artavanis et al on 06/25/012 “Tax evasion across industries; soft credit evidence from Greece”.Artavanis and friends got proof from( older) Greek tax records,and found out those withn the highest education ( i.e.doctors(MD),lawyers,educators,engineers)claim between 82 and 100(!)percent “costs to pay off debt” in tax returns forms.As the average Greece income would be around 27400/year before taxes,this would leave some with a mere 411.00/month(before taxes),for rent/mortgage,food,electricity bills,health insurance etc.?Make up your mind,would this be possible? I have doubts(but who am I to judge ?)