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Greek FinMin receives an envelope with a bullet and a threatening notice

An envelope containing a bullet and a threatening notice reached the Greek Finance Ministry. According to Greek media, the enveloped was addressed to the Finance Minister and the name “Yiannis Stournaras” written on the envelope.  

The enveloped reportedly arrived at the Ministry on Monday morning and was opened at the office of the minister’s secretary. 

According to, the bullet was of 9mm and the notice was similar to the ones recently sent to two tax offices in Crete, in Rethymnon and Chania. In these notices, tax offices were warned not to proceed to “property auctions” and the signature was “Cretan Revolution.”.

“If you sell off property belonging to a Cretan or a Greek, you will have serious problem,” the note to Stournaras reportedly read. Singed by “Cretan Revolution”. The envelope was similar to a wedding invitation.

“It looks as if nobody can say whether behind these threatening envelopes is some terror organization, some business interests or even just an angry Greek citizen,” notes Proto Thema

Greek police has taken the envelope to forensic examination, hoping to find finger prints or any other evidence that might lead to the senders.

PS fact is the situation is getting slowly out of control with much too many fronts open.

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One comment

  1. “Cretan Revolution”? …I vote them most likely to make hell look like paradise

    After Greece won the first allied war, even when outnumbered over 2 to 1 against by far superior military hardware, Greece went on to set a precedent for the rest of Europe to follow in Nazi defiance.

    The Cretans are especially the pride of all Greeks with their renown hot tempers that caused Germany to more men in “The Battle for Crete” than any battle to that date during WWII. Men who had been in the German elite military for generations,wiped out, as they called Crete the graveyard of the German paratroopers. They aren’t to be fooled with in their two extremes of also being the most loving people on the planet. I know…

    One can’t dick around with the Cretans and there is very good reason for heightened concern.

    I LAO wouldn’t call their objectives “terrorist” albeit unorthodox, that’s playing with fire. These are very proud people who have relentlessly fought to protect their own.

    Greeks, let alone Cretans, have proven to have absolutely no sense of humor when one threatens their families. God help the perpetrators, and this is who the finance ministries are viewed as being right now confiscating assets from Greeks.

    Some one better communicate to clear up the misconceptions in that Greece has no choice. The outcome from not doing so jeopardizes the nation greater, and they better do it fast. Very fast. That’s all Greece needs, social unrest leading to a humanitarian crisis. God help the good people of Greece.