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Greek Police: Armed robbers physically resisted arrests, therefore the injuries

The armed robbers of Velento physically resisted arrests therefore the injuries on their faces, Greek police said on Friday, dismissing claims of they were tortured during interrogation. The head of Greece Police internal affairs department, Panagiotis Stathis, said during a press conference that the injuries of the four young robbers were sustained during their arrest.

An video was played during the press conference showing three of the robbers sitting in a market arcade in Veria. Even though their heads are covered with clothes, one can face injuries on their faces.

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“The injuries occurred during a physical struggle between officers and the four robber,” Stathis told reporters, adding that “the policemen involved in the arrest were all «well-built» and evidently more muscle-bound than the young suspects.”

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According to Police internal investigation findings  that were based also on civilian eye-witnesses’ testimonies, there was a scuffle between policemen and robbers, while the policeman were trying to free the hostage, Stathis said further and described the scuffle as “falling on the ground and rolling”

Other policemen who did not participate at the arrest operation testified that the robbers had injuries while being transported to the local police headquarters. the position of the police is that they are injured during their arrest and not during their transport or while in detention.

The investigation has not been concluded though as a forensic examination is still due. A week after the arrest…

The arrestees and their parents claim that they were tortured.

The publishing of the robbers’ pictures showing their faces with heavy bruises and Minister of Public order Nikos Dendias admitting the pictures had undergone photoshop ‘in order to facilitate the public to recognize them” caused an outcry.

Three of the robbers (Romanos, Bourzoukos, Michailidis) said in a letter that “the bank robbery was a political act” and described themselves as ‘anarchists”

“As anarchists we consider the choice of bank robbery as a conscious choice of resistance. Our move did  not aimed at personal enrichment. The attack on the temples of the capital is part of our overall revolutionary action. ” (via sportfm)

Charges against the four are against robbery, while against two of them, the police could allegedly make connection to the outlaw group “Conspiracy of the cells of fire”. However,  jailed members of the group claimed in a statement upload on an internet site, that the arrested were not members of the group.

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