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Crete: Lasithi to issue local passport to protest government policies

Local society of Lasithi prefecture in Eastern Crete, is in outrage seeing the infrastructures in prefecture being deforested. Due to strict Troika-imposed austerity, sweeping mergers in health, education and public services take place with residents planning dynamic mobilizations. Among them,  the issue of a local passport for those wanting to enter the cities of the area.

“As of February 21st 2013, residents and visitors will need to carry with them the Lasithi passport” a leaflet let people know.

Lasithi passport

“They take: Technical universities, Hospitals, Public Services, Marinas, Salaries, Pensions, Unemployment allowances

They bring: “Svourous” (?), levies, unemployment, impoverishment, depression.

Citizens of Lasithi, that’s enough!!! We take the present and the future of our children in our hands.”

According to local media, the passport action aims so show the central government in Athens, that Lasithi rejects the Greek government policies and will symbolically declare the Republic of Lasithistan with its own passport.

ΦΩΤΟ από τo FlashNews

it looks as if they have printed also their own 5-euro currency

A protest rally will take place in Selinari on upcoming Wednesday.

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  1. Is that a co-incidence with the celebration of the 100th anniversery of the independence of Crete? Election in Crete to be independent or part of Greece 😉