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Greek General Stab forbids soldiers to protest in uniform

Chief of Greek General Stab, Gen. Michalis Kostarakos explicitly forbade soldiers to hold protests wearing their uniforms. The order was issued last week, just days before the protest rally scheduled for upcoming Saturday, March 9th 2013.

Active and retired members of the Greek Armed Forces will launch a march rally in order to protest severe cuts in wages and pensions.

According to defence news portals, there were soldiers insisting to join the rally wearing their uniforms, claiming that the courts allowed them such actions.

Chief of General Stab and soldiers are at odds with the latter often claiming, General Kostarakos rather seeks a political career than struggle for their rights.

Soldiers’ unions produced a video spot saying that they spent their best years to serve the country, but the “state degrades them”.

Video: spot calling to protest at 4 pm, March 9th/2013

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Recently, some 150 colonels have reportedly  submitted their resignation claiming that they could afford to be relocated due to sharp reduced incomes.

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  1. Seems reasonable to me. In the country with the most powerful military and most efficient fighting force (USA), our Military personnel are not allowed to protest in uniform as it disgraces the uniform. Of course in civilian clothes they are allowed.

    So, why wouldn’t it also disgrace the Greek military uniform to do the same thing?