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EU’s “New Deal” for jobless youth: Serious intentions or just political rhetorics before EP elections?

United they stand, separately they may fall. High ranking EU officials and leaders of core member-countries are alarmed over the youth unemployment. France and Germany want a ‘New Deal’ for Europe’s young job-seekers that will aim to tackle the continent’s soaring youth unemployment rate. They want to use six billion euros in loans pledged by the EU to help fund apprenticeships, encourage mobility and provide credit to small and medium-sized businesses.

Nightmare on the EU streets

Youth unemployment date in March 2013:

5,690,000 jobless below 25 years old in EU of 27

3,599,000 jobless below 25 years old in EU of 17 (eurozone)

Youth unemployment in Spain 56%, in Greece 58% (meanwhile 64%), in Italy 38%, in France 26.5%

An example of how job vacancies have disappeared form the job market is brought up by UK’s daily Telegraph.
A total of 18,524 people applied to 11 jobs vacancies.

The Prado in Madrid has become the unlikely symbol of Europe’s unemployment curse. The museum recently advertised for 11 low-level jobs, mostly guarding paintings by Velasquez, El Greco and Picasso from enthusiastic tourists.

The starting salaries were just €13,000 (£11,100) a year yet, to the astonishment of the curators, 18,524 people applied. The print-out list of applicants runs for 357 pages.

“This is the “white heat” of a youth jobs crisis that has crept up on EU leaders and now threatens to set off a volcanic political eruption,” notes the Telegraph.

Action: “Save Europe’s jobless youth”

EU leaders will spend 6 billion euro to keep temporary busy 6 million jobless youth [so that they will not launch a revolution, you know….]

Francois Hollande, the French president, warned on Tuesday that failure to offer these people hope risks destroying the EU altogether. “We must act urgently. Six million youths are out of work in Europe,” he said.

“Unemployment is reaching unsupportable levels in a number of countries. Imagine all the hatred, the anger. We’re talking about a complete breakdown of belief in Europe. What’s really at stake here is that citizens are turning their backs on the European project,” he said.

As citizens turn their back to European Union – something that KTG has been warning of for the last three years -, Germany smitten clever plans how to aid the young jobless from the  European South.

Germany: the paradise for jobless Southeners

Germany’s  Labour Undersecretary Hans-Joachim Fuchtel, Merkel’s representative in Greece proudly announced in Thessaloniki today “we will throw 6 billion euro in the labor market”. No, he did not stress that the six billion euro do not come the politicians’ pockets but from the taxpayers.

Nevertheless, Fuchtel said that Germany will offer training vacancies in Germany for jobless youth from Portugal, Spain and Greece, especially in the fields of tourism- and hotel-personnel. “They will get paid during the training,” Fuchtel stressed cleverly leaving aside the fact that payment during training is below 500 euro per month, while the cost of living in Germany is much higher.

He also did not say, how these well-trained youth will find a job back in their recession-hit countries, where “growth” and “development” are unknown words in the EU/IMF fiscal adjustment programs. But good-old Fuchtel hinted that these devils from the bankrupt European South may find a work in Germany.

Do you get the point?

Of course, I cannot tell for sure, whether the actions “Save the jobless youth” and “Saving the lost generation” are seriously intended or  just plain rhetoric to help EU-leaders’ political parties come through the European Parliament elections due next year. Rumors that EU leaders will launch a signature petition as well are totally without base.

What they don’t dare saying is that “apprenticeships and mobility” need some kind of self-financing, while providing “credit to small and medium-sized businesses” makes no sense if bureaucracy and high social contributions and taxes kill any self-employment dreams.

“New deal,  my a**!” so to say.

PS Sorry, but forgot to put my good manners on together with my make up this morning.

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