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Greek gov’t: ERT? What ERT? It’s the gov’t reshuffle, stupid

Last night they agreed. Prime Minister Samaras and his coalition government partners Venizelos (PASOK) and Kouvelis (Democratic Left) agreed about shutdown public broadcaster ERT. They just didn’t dare to speak openly about it.  Venizelos and Kouvelis  kept the ‘agreement’ in secret in order to continue negotiations with Samaras in order to achieve concessions in coalition governance. And “keep their seats warm”, so to say.

After the meeting with Samaras, both Venizelos and Kouvelis spoke in general about the “public broadcaster” and diligently refrained from name the issue due to which the leaders started to meet since last Monday. They made no explicit reference neither to ERT nor to ERT-employees.

The wording that topped their statements since the closure of ERT on June 11th simply disappeared, “under the warn governance seats” – so to say.

Instead, Venizelos and Kouvelis stressed the need to revision the framework of coalition government agreement and blahblahblah …”democracy” ….blahblahblah …”people” … blahblahblah.

Similarly, nobody spoke of the constitutionality of the Legislative Act – the ‘law’ that Samaras-only-ministers signed and shutdown ERT 8 days ago.

The threats to withdraw their support to Samaras remain also under the famous “governance seats”.

Maybe Samaras revealed to them a horrible secret and they decided to step back, compromise and surrender for the shake of the country and the people, of course.

Tonight Samaras, Venizelos and Kouvelis will meet again primarily in order to pull the cards and make new arrangements in the new round of the musical chairs game they play.

A government reshuffle will take place soon. It was due since quite some time. Actually since the winter.

Media report that the reshuffle will take place after Nea Democratia convention on June 28th.

Besides the new seats in the reshuffle, they will also speak about the number of (ERT-)employees that will be hired with  2-3-4-long work contracts for the temporary public broadcaster.

For one more time, they managed “to ridicule the image of the country abroad” – to use their favorite phraseology, so to say. But most of all, they became ridiculous themselves.

Also main opposition party leader Alexis Tsipras from left-wing SYRIZA has to wait with his PM-ambitions.

Snap elections may take place in upcoming September. Unless the Samaras-Venizelos-Kouvelis stick to their refreshed wedding oaths.

PS rumors that the letter E, Ρ and Τ will be removed form the Greek alphabet are not confirmed.



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  1. PS rumors that the letter E, Ρ and Τ will be removed form the Greek alphabet are not confirmed.

    Stupid idea, of course. The perfect compromise would be to keep these three and instead forbid to combine them in a certain way and abolish all but one of the many letters and combinations that give the sound ‘i’… One ‘i’ is enough for a small country like Greece!