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Germany invites jobless EU youth to go there for work

5.501 million unemployed youth across Europe? 3.531 million jobless youth in the Eurozone alone? No problem for all those with or without university education who if lucky could find a temporary job as pizza boys and service girls for 400 euro per month. Germany opens its arms and welcome all the desperate of the euro world.

Germany’s Economy Minister Philipp Roesle called on young people from European South to “Come to Germany!” for work.

n the southern states in crisis, youth unemployment is alarmingly high. German companies, however, are desperately looking for some trainees. German Economics Minister Philipp Rösler young Southerners therefore calls on: “Come to Germany!”

Roesler appealed to young people in the states of European south in crisis to go to Germany and make  vocational training. “Come to Germany,” he said in an interview with the newspaper “Welt am Sonntag“.

There were “tens of thousands of training places available,” he said, noting that for those finishing school it would certainly be “not an easy decision to go to a foreign country for at least three years”.

“But the door is open for young Southerners, they are welcome,” Roesler said without explicity mentioning that Germany urgently needs cheap labor forces to compete with China.

However Roesler’s gift basket contained more than just vocational training places.

” We must make it clear that they have the perspective to remain as professionals – even get a dual citizenship, ” said Roesler.

Why Germany offers next to vocational training places also the German citizenship to young Europeans as a bait seems rather hard to explain. The EU membership makes it easy for anyone to move and reside in another EU member state.

OH WAIT! Germany needs more registered citizens, then once Turkey becomes EU member it would have more population and possible more members of European Parliament and a more powerful say than Germany. HA!

PS According to German Labor Laws, vocational trainees could ‘earn’ 300-800 euro gross per month depending on the working sector, as the trainee is not considered professional labor force.

With the renting prices in Germany I wonder whether the unemployed youth from Greece, Portugal, Spain should also get a container with them to live in.


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  1. can get the same pay here, so why go to Germany to get the same amount. plus would have to learn language, pay rent, bills etc. so what would i gain? loose friends relations, family. balance definately not in their favour.

  2. Germany invites jobless EU youth to go there for work.

    It is nice of them to invite the youth of Europe to come to Germany for work. That was their plan all along.

    OK then why not use it.

    But the first problem the youth will have is to find some place to stay.

    Is Germany also going to arrange for accommodation for this youth?

    Because in Germany it goes like this.

    No registered address, No Job.

    No Job, without a registered address.

    It’s a nice CATCH-22 situation.

    So what are they suppose to do?

    I have a few suggestions, the Greek community in Germany should buy appartments in Germany and rent them out to the Greek youth. The current rental rate in Germany is between 6 and 9 Euro per square meter per month. (Kalt). On top of this you pay for heating between 50 and 70 Euro per month, Electricity is between also 50 to 70 Euro per month. Plus you pay Nebenkosten (kinohrista) of between 100 to 200 per month.

    Now for jobs? I would reccommend they apply to all the zeit arbeit companies. They have places for Teil zeit (Part Time), Mini Job (pay is 450 per month), or Voll zeit (Full Time).

    The rate of pay is between 8 and 11 Euro per hour Gross, with bonus pay for full time workers only for working after 11pm and on Sundays and Public Holidays.

    For the full time workers they also get unemployment insurance (Arbeitslos Versicherung), Sickness insurance (Krank Versicherung), Old Age Care Insurance (Pflege Versicherung)and Old Age Pension (Rente Versicherung).

    All of this is deducted from your Gross wage.

    And around Octobe to November you get Christmas Money bonus (Weihnacts Geld).

    The worst people to work for are 80% of Greek Restaurants whos owners try to overwork you and rip you off from your allowances, insurances, bonus’s and tips.

    This is just a little bit of information so the new comers do not get ripped off.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      this nice catch-22 situation was/is also for students: no social security registration without university immatriculation and vice versa. I had proposed to them we all meet the the central square of the city to exchange signatures and papers.

      But thise kind of “no X without Z” and “no Z without X” requiremenrs are usually easily solved as authorities are aware of the law absordity aiming to protect the state from really extreme situations of abuse by foreigners. And do not forget: as EU citizens, you can rent a flat even without a job.

      Knowing the situaiton in Germany all i can say is: one needs to invest own money to start a living there.

      thanks a lot for the information about rent and other expenses.

      • “You can rent a flat even without a job.”

        Only if the property owner accepts it.

        If you were a property owner would you accept a jobless person?

        • keeptalkinggreece

          Ι mean ‘authorities-wise’ – you can live by a friend or your friend pays for it.

      • But there is a way around this. People looking at moving to Germany can at first live at a YHA or in a Wohngemeinschaft (Shared flat accommodation).

  3. But to come to this situation we Greeks have only our selves to blame for our situation.

    We wanted the easy way and kept receiving hand outs, hand outs with conditions of course that is the German and EU way. There is a repayment attached to these hand outs and with high interest rates.

    Just do the patriotic way, produce your own, sell your own and keep the money in the country and not rely on out side hand outs.

    There was an article in the Australian Press recently with the title.

    Germanys accidental Empire. But this no accident this is planned for years and now we are the slaves to keep the Germano-Franco-Anglo factories working. And at a cheap price and at a cost to our land and people.

    We should be the ones ahead and expanding. But we are too selfish and too greedy and they know this and they are using this weapon against us. We are selling not only our asses to them but everything including our mothers.

  4. If we were fair to our own people, paid them fair wages and kept fair prices and looked after every infrustructure we would be the masters in our own land and not others.

    As we are now told what to do and what not to do. It just like my neighbour coming and telling me. You own me money so today you will clean my toilet.

    Not nice at all and very embarassing.

  5. Herr Philipp Rösler (*), hope that you, as a 9-month old baby in the orphanage near Saigon before your adoption by a German couple, you were not affected at all by the blend of “tactical herbicides” (**) the U.S. military sprayed in the jungles of Vietnam.

    Ja ja reeheine re, den tha boome … We are deeply sorry that the State of Monitoba in Canada took advantage of your bad timing to offer to open your “welcome door” for our young un-employed Southerners. Since “west is best” for us, then … Herr deutscher Vizekanzler, why don’t you send your own kids to deliver pizza – temporarily, natürlich – for some good pocket money???

    (*) b. 1973 in Khanh Hung, Ba Xuyen Province, in the former South Vietnam

    (**) millions of gallons of “Agent Orange” and other herbicides were sprayed on trees and vegetation during the Vietnam War