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Nea Dimocratia MP supports cooperation with Golden Dawn

Vyron Polydoras, lawmaker of Samaras’ Nea Dimocratia, made a surprised statement on Monday. Speaking to private Real FM, Polydoras said that Nd should open the door to Golden Dawn.

Asked by Real FM reporter whether ND should cooperate with Golden Dawn, Polydoras replied:

“Certainly. We demonstrate sensitivity towards Golden Dawn which was voted by 600 thousand people, it will be voted by one million and  we will remain with our memories of the Weimar Constitution.

Do they the Weimar Constitution? Do they know that it was the most advanced constitution in social policy in Germany between the two World Wars. Or the more advance of the whole history of constitution?

Those who opposed [GD] should go to Supreme Court and request the party would be outlawed as Venizelos [PASOK leader] proposed.  Why don’t we calm down a bit see our pain and our situation? “

Polydoras, a long time official of ND and former minister, criticized the policies of his own party that describe main opposition party, left-wing SYRIZA and extreme-right Golden Dawn as “the two ends of the same extremism”.

Trying to ‘melt’ together SYRIZA and GD in order to exterminate them shows that we’re out of time and place,” the lawmaker said.

Continuing his criticism, Polydoras described Samaras’ success story as «psychological injection” and noted that the Greek government constantly gives in during negotiations with the troika.

A little later and speaking to Skai TV Polydoras asked to a “joint front with Golden Dawn against the Troika” saying the “danger is not the GD but the Troika.”

Prompt was the reaction of Nea Dimocratia to Polydoras extreme-right opening. In a written statement the press office of Nd described Polydoras proposal as “strange statement, because it is obvious that ND would never work together with neo-Nazis.”

Strange statement to a strange statement. ND did not the conventional way to “dismiss as baseless” Polydoras’ proposal.

Meanwhile ND increased its seats in the Parliament to 127, after two former ND MPs return to the party’s arms having spent some times as independent lawmakers.

ND-PASOK coalition have now 155 seats.

PS there has been much talk in town about some people in ND winking to GD. Apparently there is one more than the usual one. Maybe some more will be outed.

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  1. Why is this guy still a member of a government party? If he really wants to see the pain and the situation, he should be looking out the window, not over his shoulder and 70 years back to an era that has nothing to do with today and has proven to lead to the most shameful events in humanity. Replacing one bunch of Nazi’s with another one will not do Greece, or anybody else any good, on the contrary…

    • keeptalkinggreece

      because ND has to think twice to be again with less than 127 seats in the Parliament. and coaltion with 154.

  2. Trial balloon?