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Why are Athens streets closed this afternoon?

No, no Greeks took to the streets to protest austeirty, taxes and other Troika incoveninces. The streets around the US embassy in Athens are closed because our spying friends and allies celebrate the 4th of July.  Small streets around the embassy are closed to traffic, while vehicles do not move on regular speed on the main street and some traffic jams are just around the corner.

Oh dear… 

PS Of course, I wouldn’t have noticed the extra security and traffic problems, had I reveived an invitation and was attending the event enjoying a mini hamburger and cole slow 🙂

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  1. Stay away from that American food. It will rot your guts AND your mind.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      but they are always so tiny… nevertheless I’m more than KFC wings type

      • YIKES!!! KFC – American Frankenstein Food at its worst?

        I read (but I doubt if it is true) that Kentucky Fried Chicken was forced to change it’s name to KFC because the meat they serve has been so genetically modified that it can no longer be classified as chicken. If the Colonel was still alive it would never have happened.

        I had a friend in Anderson, IN who was an early partner of Colonel Sanders. Tons of pictures together and he still decorated his large diner like a Kentucky Fried Chicken even though he was not an “official franchise”.

        Light reading from a time when America was still a country of greatness.

  2. Joseph Suchomel

    to be honest, so will Greek food…haven’t you seen how overweight the Greeks have become?

    no…it’s not food…it’s a lifestyle…

    do yourself a favour….walk to omonia to find this amazing place called “indian take out”…the food is fantastic…

    • At least it is non-GMO and not LOADED with hormones and antibiotics like US food.

      I look at some of my old grade school pictures and am amazed at the difference between girls then to now. Don’t tell me it is vitamins.

  3. Our spying friends and allies? I hadn’t noticed your opinions before now…Happy 4th – a day to celebrate the birth of a great nation. PS – we call it cole “slaw”.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      there is always something new to read on my blog. cole slaw/cole slow… you got it that’s the point 🙂

    • Agtaha Mantanes

      My dear you would not want to live in a country that would not do its best to protect its sovereignty and citizens would you???? so the spy game is old and done by all even the Greek government. so you go ahead and mock our food and way of life i take it as badge of honor that a country such as the USA took me in and availed me of a lifesaving surgery which i could not obtain in Greece and saved my life ohhh and it was there pleasure to gift me this surgery.All i had to do was live my life in honesty and honor.

  4. I agree with Both William and Joseph. It’s about choices but in Greece it seems easier to eat healthier. In the USA, restaurants have great meals, try googling a place called “Ruth Chris steakhouse” and try some great steaks but many times meals are very decadent and full of flavorful fat.

    At Greek tavernas, I just get briza plain with olive oil and lemon along with Greek salad

    • keeptalkinggreece


    • Beef prices are currently out of sight. And Ruth Chris is insanely expensive. I would say $50-$90 per person. Or higher depending on your order. Here in the US we have 2 US “grades” of beef (in addition to all the different cuts or parts)that are generally consumed by people. Choice and Prime. The difference is in the “marbling” or fat content. Prime has more fat and is “melt in your mouth tender” when lightly grilled or cooked (and more expensive). RC serves prime.

      But prime or choice you are eating all the hormones and antibiotics and garbage that are pumped into the cow unless you buy organic. Organic is 3 to 5 times more expensive than non-organic. For instance, non-organic whole chickens are about $1 per pound. Organic are $3 or more per pound. So it is very expensive to eat well (same with produce). I hope it is not the same in Greece.

      • keeptalkinggreece

        well… the crisis has increased the import of cheap Holland meat (pork/beef). our neighborhood butcher used to have AAA quality Greek meat. Now he is 75% on imported. People cut expenditure and butcher cut on quality. but prices are average 1 euro less than before the crisis.

        organic is also more expensive here but don’t know if 1euro/pound. Of course, that’s in Athens.
        In the country side -especially in regions famous for animal breeding – you get AAA meat/chicken, also in restaurants and not expensive.

      • If you are going to mind yourself and eat healthy, you will spend your hard earned dollars on pills that make you even sicker so you need more of them. One way or the other you will pay, expensive food or expensive medicine, take your pick…