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Olympic Air stops flights between Athens and Thessaloniki, Iraklio and Rhodes

Olympic Air stops flights between Athens and Thessaloniki and Iraklio (Crete) as 13. October 2013. OA also cuts flights between Athens and Rhodes as of 30. September 2013. In a letter to travel agents and associates, Olympic Air said that:

“Passengers with reservations for any flights to or from these destinations after these dates will receive a full refund. The company’s announcement also said that passengers could also switch their tickets to flights toward the same destinations operated by rival Aegean Airlines.” (ekathimerini)

There have been several attempts for the merger of Olympic Air and Aegean Airlines, but the European Commission has repeatedly expressed concern about it stressing the dangers of monopoly in domestic flights , price increases and poorer service.

But no European Commission body can prohibit an airline company to interrupt flights between destinations. right?

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  1. Και που θα πετάει αν δεν πηγαίνει Θεσσαλονίκη κλπ ? Μήπως το κλείνουν το μαγαζί εντελώς ;

  2. Its basically because Aegean and Olympic are trying to merge through the back door because the EU let them, so Olympic is cancelling routes and ‘giving them to aegean’, just like they did with the london-athens route.

  3. cyril mc donnell

    in ireland we had suffered dublin to london [same flight as athens to heraklion] from lack of competition until ryan air came on the route competition is the life of trade!! i flew to athens with aer lingus in may and it cost me more from athens to heraklion with aegean
    tourism will dry up if this is allowed!

    • keeptalkinggreece

      what kind of tourism you have in mind? those buying packages profit anyway. it’s always more expensive for private ‘tourists’ and visitors.

  4. I thinks it’s time the merger was allowed as it seems they can’t survive separately and it will give us all better options for connections if they are all the same company. Aegean always propose their own flight connections first and cheapest, which may not be at convenient times (ie the next day or more than 12 hours waiting in Athens airport!). If you book early and they cancel flights and offer a long wait as alternative, you can ask for the Οlympic option and you won’t (should not) have to pay.