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Three little birds sitting …on a wire

It’s time for the birds. For angry birds, for hungry birds, for birds longing to move away and they can’t. There are several different hindering these birds from open wings and fly away. To other places with less financial distress, less trouble-causing bureaucracy. Somewhere where the state mechanism functions and the citizen is not tied with several papers and signatures just to fix one little thing.

swallows in the nest

Swallows waiting for food

There, where the state does not mistrust the average citizen and tries its best to cause just trouble.


Twitting for food

There, where friends and relatives of the nomenclatura do not keep floating in the stormy sea like the cork and the shit.

swallows Greece

There, where the laws apply for all.

swallows Greece

Swallows in shadow theater

We have this expression in Greek “three little birds sitting...” Τρία πουλάκια κάθονται.   This slang expression deprives from the Greek folk song dedicated to “Athanasios Diakos”, a hero of the Greek Revolution against the Ottoman Empire.

swallows on a wire

We have this expression in Greek “three little birds sitting...”  We use it in the sense, that one person says something, second person understands something else and third person looks at a different direction. Just like these three birds seen in a village of Peloponnese over the weekend.

τρία πουλάκια κάθονται

We live here in the country of the three little birds…

swallow mom

Swallow mom (or dad) tells kids to be patient.

While the citizens cannot bear more austerity, the government legislates the one austerity decree after the other. And still a part of this society whistles indifferently in champagne mood at 25,000 euro per bottle.



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