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Greek FinMin criteria: You are suspect of tax evasion, if you’re nervous and change your appearance

Are you nervous? Did you change your appearance with a radical haircut or a weight loss (or even gain) of  30 kilos? Did you cut off your telephone connection? Do you often change address? You could be suspect of tax evasion… This is being clearly stated in a circular issued by the Greek Finance Ministry. The circular was sent to tax authorities and professionals of twelve private sectors like accountants, tax advisers, private audits, venture companies etc. The private sector received the circular because it is obliged to inform the Authorities on Money Laundering. If they fail to do so, they are threatened with sanctions.

Why is your phone out of order? Speak!

According to the circular, tax officers and the businesses involved can make use of the following criteria to trap and identify the customer somewhere-somehow have committed the crime of tax evasion. these criteria should also be applied to the personnel of these private companies.

– Customer refuses to provide identification documents or gives documents of dubious authenticity.

– Customer seems to not care about the risk of the transaction.

-Customer insists of paying cash more than 15,000 euro.

-Customer uses private bank accounts instead of company accounts.

– There is information from an external source (local community, media, etc.) that customer is involved in activities which are likely associated with tax evasion or that customer leads a luxurious life.

– Customer purchases yachts, luxury cars or art objects of high value via off-shore and the beneficiary is a person with an income declaration that cannot justify these purchases.

– Attorney reportedly uses personal accounts for transactions of natural or legal persons they represent.

– Unusual behavior of nervousness by persons conducting transactions.

– Repeated similar transactions for amounts just under the threshold for which application is required due diligence (15,000 euros).

– Frequent change of address of the client that is not justified by his occupation.

– Customers who constantly change their appearance and behavior, suggesting a change in their living standards.

– Customer’s home or business phone is out of use.

As for personnel… suspect of tax evasion are those employees who

– make wasteful lifestyle that can not be justified by their salary.

– fail to comply with accepted policies, procedures and methods.

– are reluctant to get vacation leave.

– changes in performance or behavior pattern of the employee.

– employee social relationships go beyond the standard with the company’s customers.

There! A suspiciously behaving UFO

The full list of criteria and the private businesses obliged to apply them here

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