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Greek romance: fabulous Santorini without electricity

Santorini, one of Greece’s main tourist destinations has been left without electricity after explosion at power station. The blaze occurred on Tuesday morning causing an electricity outage and a total black out. Towards the evening the power was partly restored in very few areas. Residents,  hoteliers, taverna and bar owners were forced to see frozen meat, poultry, fish and vegetables mutate into a dangerous for consumption blooper, while ice cream turned into lake watered by dissolved ice cubes. Tourists had to come along with pee-warm, boring cocktails and romantic salad-dinners in candle light.

Άναψαν κεριά για να μην κλείσουν το μαγαζί τους! ΦΩΤΟΓΡΑΦΙΑ ΔΗΜΗΤΡΗΣ ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΥ

shops remain open with …candle light

While the reason for the blaze still remains unknown, generators are being transported from other islands to Santorini.

Local authorities told the media that the electricity system does not have the capacity to absorb the high power consumption in the month of August, at the peak of the tourist season.  Two million tourists are estimated to visit the island this summer.

Καταστροφή για τους μαγαζάτορες - ΦΩΤΟΓΡΑΦΙΑ ΔΗΜΗΤΡΗΣ ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΥ


Locals hope, the problem would be solved soon. Greek media report the electricity may return by Wednesday evening.

blaze at power station of Santorini

The news of power outage in this fabulous tourist destination with the most amazing sunset has been reported by all major international media. British The Guardian wrote on Tuesday:

Visitors to the Greek resort of Santorini are facing the prospect of candlelit dinners with warm beer after a power-station fire left the island without electricity at the peak of the tourist season.

Greece‘s power network administrator said Tuesday’s blaze had been extinguished and efforts were being made to gradually restore power to the island in the Aegean Sea as soon as possible.

No injuries were reported from the fire, the cause of which was not immediately known.

Santorini is one of Greece’s main tourist destinations, attracting about 1.7 million visitors last year. It is famous for the view from its dramatic seaside cliffs at sunset.

Authorities said the Greek navy would ship generators to the island by early on Wednesday. (Guardian)

More pictures from Santorini in the dark here

PS somebody commented: that’s the real Greek success story! (ops!)

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