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Greek Olympic Games winners to lose jobs at public sector

You had won an Olympic medal? You had honored your country with exceptional athletic performance and your country had honored you with a job in the public sector? these times are gone. No, you are no different and no better than the other civil servants. In the country of loan agreements there is no place for honors. You will be fired as several other thousands of public workers.

Distinguished athletes who were appointed in the public sector due to their success in sport, such as Olympic medalists, will be included in the mobility scheme.That is they will be sent home with 70% of the salary for 8 months and if no new work place is found for them in the public sector they will be dismissed.

Rough estimates indicate that about 900 athletes took advantage of law 2725/99 and were appointed in the public sector. The Minister of Administrative Reform Kyriakos Mitsotakis met with representatives of the Greek Olympics Association (SEO) and explained that there can be no exceptions, but promised that this might be revised in the future. (ToVima)

Certainly there is a question arising here: Should Olympic winners get a job in the public sector?

Considering the miserable conditions of training, the lack of financial support from the side of the state, it’s not a weird idea, if the country honors these athletes at least later: by giving them a job and securing them with an income to continue training and high athletic performance.

But the Troika tsunami is sweeping away everything.

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