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Athens: vandals with hoods attack newspaper Proto Thema HQ

A group of people wearing hoods attacked the headquarters of Sunday newspaper and news website Proto Thema in Maroussi suburb of northern Athens. On its website, Proto Thema speaks of a “terrorist” and “fascist attack” and describes the attack as follows:

Shortly after 8 pm, a handful of people with helmets, armed with bats, sledgehammers and hammers  approached the newspaper’s offices, in which there were dozens of workers and began to engage in blind vandalism.


The masked initially turned against the vehicles parked on the road and then began to break the glass panels of the entrance of the building and hurl black, red and white paint.

Workers at the entrance, risking their lives, managed to close the entrance and it is a matter of luck that there were no injuries caused by the blind hit of the hooded.

The attack lasted a few minutes and the masked men who fled on foot, left behind flyers that read “State, mass media neo-Nazis all creep work together. Furry and rage for Pavlos Fyssas”.

The attack on newspaper “Proto Thema” is an attack against the freedom of the press to be condemned by the whole political world.” (Proto Thema)

The vandals left behind also a one-page note reading that “Proto Thema was not forgetting the fascism,” and that “it was publishing ‘fake reports’ on how Golden Dawn members helped seniors and extensive reports on the life-style of several GD lawmakers. …. While thousands Greeks were mourning Pavlos Fyssas Proto Thema sold the dead.”

Last Sunday, Proto Thema got the outrage of thousands of Greeks when it published the picture of Pavlos Fyssas dying in the arms of his girl friend and thus despite the objection of the Fyssas’ family.

Leftist rapper Pavlos Fyssas was stabbed to death by a Golden Dawn member on September 17th 2013.

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